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Realizing ROI from ERP & CRM Adoption

Project Management

Large IT projects can be difficult and disruptive to any organization. Many business executives are weary of large, unwieldy projects, as these projects are often ill-defined and may not offer a rapid return on investment. If a project is not planned and executed with precision, it may have the unintended effect of reducing efficiencies, decreasing visibility through the supply chain and preventing rapid delivery of goods and services.

Further complicating the equation, many companies do not have dedicated, experienced project managers on staff with the sufficient experience or knowledge in implementing ERP and CRM applications. To lead a company effectively through the project, these types of applications require someone intimate with the implementation lifecycle as well as the hands-on experience to identify pitfalls and best practices.

Lionshare Software consultants have had experience with a wide variety of project types and have managed all sizes of project. When managing a project, our consultants put appropriate processes, controls and plans in place to proactively monitor a project’s scope, budget and communications. They also act as a liaison with the vendor, helping to interpret and evaluate vendor recommendations and requests, making sure your company’s best interests are served.