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Realizing ROI from ERP & CRM Adoption

Product Selection

Large IT projects can be difficult and disruptive to any organization. Many business executives are very weary of large, unwieldy projects without well-defined justification and rapid return on investment. If not planned and executed with precision, these projects very well may have an unintended impact and decrease efficiencies, decrease visibility through the supply chain and prevent rapid delivery of goods and services.

The professionals at Lionshare Software have lived through the best and the worst projects possible. That experience is invaluable as a beacon to keep your project focused and on track.

A rigorous and disciplined product selection process requires industry knowledge, information about your business and a keen understanding of the pitfalls and opportunities that lie embedded in projects of this magnitude.

Lionshare professionals help by:

  • Discerning the appropriate solution for your business.
  • Assess your organization's culture and aptitude for change.
  • Providing an ERP and CRM Best Practices road map
  • Provide appropriate development, consulting and project management resources to insure your success.