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Realizing ROI from ERP & CRM Adoption

Vendor Evaluation

Selecting the wrong vendor for your company can be as disruptive as selecting the wrong ERP or CRM application. Just like your company, vendors have "sweet spots" where they operate most effectively. It's important to determine how the vendor will organize and manage your project, how their team members experience and personalities fit with your team and how closely your company's demographics match that of the vendors experience. If a vendor has great experience working with single location, discrete manufacturers but your company is a multi-plant, multi-company, multi-currency distribution company with virtual teams, the vendor may not have the skillset, structure or experience dealing with such a project.

Lionshare consultants have lived through a large variety of project types and sizes and have worked with many different vendors. We have developed a process for reviewing and evaluating the suitability of each vendor in relation to the needs of your specific company.

Once a suitable vendor has been identified, a Vendor Performance Management plan needs to be established to insure that your project is being implemented in the manner that is most efficient and cost-effective while delivering the results that you need.