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Realizing ROI from ERP & CRM Adoption

ROI Optimization

Overcoming the challenge of limited resources requires a lean, integrated business system. Your current ERP and CRM systems can provide value now, and insure that you ready for a rebounding economy. Optimized systems can help uncover inefficiencies and reduce costs while insuring competitiveness in a dynamic market. Your systems can help improve speed to market, support growth and scalability, reduce time to revenue realization and facilitate introduction of new business models.

Real change does not always demand major investments. Companies choosing to delay large-scale ERP and CRM projects still have opportunities to unlock value. Let Lionshare Software consults help guide you through the various options available, which may include:

These may include:
• Consolidating ERP platforms.
• Enabling features within existing systems, such as Quality, Bar Code, Web access, and others.
• Integrating disconnected systems.
• Reviewing how team-members are using the system - often bad habits get propagated to many users through poor training, or inflexible mindsets (i.e.,"that's how we did it in our old system")
• Defining Best Practices and creating training systems to help standardize and leverage efficiencies.